Use a quiz to build your email list

Quizzes are hot topic these days….wait, who I am kidding. Quizzes have always been a hot topic. I mean, if your teenage years weren’t spent taking “who is your ultimate celebrity crush?” you probably are younger than me. 

Online quizzes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to places like Buzzfeed, who pop out approximately a million quizzes per day, like “Which Disney Prince Should You Marry?”* 

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How to create a simple stylesheet for your blog

My first official designer job was at small town newspaper creating ads. I learned a lot from that job, but more importantly, I learned a lot of what not to do. At the paper we would create ads for companies with zero consistency. We had realtors that would change the style of their ads every single week. This is a really bad practice.

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How I Juggle Two kids + My Biz Full Time - A Day in the Life

As a small business owner and working mom, I’m always curious to see how other people manage their day to get everything done and juggle mom life with working. I know from experience is a constant struggle.

In my life, things are NEVER consistent. Which is one of my major problems areas, I just want to be able to count on my schedule but as it turns out, the only thing I can count on is inconsistency.  

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Canva vs. Illustrator: Creating Graphics for your Blog

It really takes a lot of skills and work to be a successful blogger. For every blog you put out you are not only writing the post, but also taking photographs and creating graphics. 

People are often surprised at the number of they have to create to put out and share a blog post. The more you share your posts the more graphics you actually need. The bigger your blog gets the more graphics you need. 

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7 Awful Design Mistakes + How to Fix Them

Design is about a lot of rules. As a designer it's just one of those things that comes naturally to me, but I know that's not the case for every one. 

I'm really the kind of person who likes to break rules, but these design rules are pretty hard and fast. These are things that will make your graphics look top notch, rather than sloppy and amature. 

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How to Create a Blog Mood Board with Adobe Illustrator

One of my favorite parts of my design process is the inspiration board or mood board. (These two are the same thing, you'll notice, I use the two terms interchangeably.)

The inspiration board is a visual representation to set the tone and style of the branding for your blog. As someone who spent their teen years with walls covered with collages from Seventeen and Cosmo Girl magazines, mood boards are totally my thing. Like, totally. 

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How to Survive the Holidays as Entrepreneur 

he holidays are here. It’s officially the craziest time of year for everyone. Last year was my first year working for myself, and it wasn’t as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. 

We’re talking awful business advice from family, trying to explain what I do to my husband’s relatives and some lack of discipline on my part.

Here are all the crappy parts from my first holiday season in business so we don’t make the same mistakes this year. 

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