New Website Design & Branding for Brick House Bodies

When Tabitha from Brick House Bodies contacted me to rebrand her business, it almost seemed like we were meant to work together! We had an immediate connection and I was so excited to partner with this lady!

Her credentials alone are totally impressive, she's highly qualified and still working to do more and help women on a deeper level, She's a huge inspiration.


Tabitha has a beautiful message with her business, she's a personal trainer and fitness guru and she works with women in the most remarkable way, to heal from the inside out. She wanted branding that would show both parts of her passion. 

 She's been in business for several years, and over time, her business had evolved but her branding was still the same. She wanted to soften and freshen up her style a little bit but still keep the bold colors and strength of her brand.


I wanted to make sure her logo felt strong but also feminine. We also wanted to avoid anything too trendy or overused.

We settled on this logo as her primary logo. The modern script gives it softer feel, while the colors maintain the strength and style from her original logo.

For submark we reversed the text styles from the circle logo and I loved the way it turned out. 


Working on the new Brick House Bodies websites, was one of my favorite projects to date. We were able to simplify and streamline her site, we condensed a few pages and placed emphasis on some other pages that were downplayed on her old site. Head over to Brick House Bodies to see the site, because the picture don't do this site justice! 


It was such a pleasure to work with Tabitha and help her bring her new vision to world!