Behind the Design || Invisible Confetti

You know those people whose personality is totally and completely infectious? They walk in the room and everyone knows it. That person is CJ Summers. A few years ago, I was at conference where CJ was also attending, and I still very vividly remember her running down the halls with her American flag flying behind her. Even being in the same building as CJ was an experience to be had. She’s that kind of fun! 

When CJ asked me to help her with the branding for her new adventure, I was so excited. With a capital E, for sure. And then she explained her vision, and I was over the moon.

 You know it’s a party when the confetti comes out. You can’t help but smile when it’s around. [...] Colorful, whimsical, fun, and magical. Everything you want a party to be.
Inspiration board for Invisible Confetti by The Graphic Stylist, Erin Alexander 

With inspiration like THIS who can’t help but smile? We really wanted something colorful and FUN. I used orange as my main color inspiration because it’s CJ’s favorite color.

  Logo design by Erin Alexander of The Graphic Stylist

I originally started with a design based on orange, but I worried it lacked some refinement. Switching to teal as the primary color, and using orange as POP fell into place naturally. I just love that “with CJ” always appears in orange in every logo variation for personal touch. 

Branding by The Graphic Stylist, Erin Alexander

CJ is very active on social, so we wanted to make sure to create branding she could use across the board. I just knew she needed something that wouldn’t blend in someone’s newsfeed. It really need to stand out! So the main focus was using the bold colors and geometric style patterns, with a touch of whimsical wavy lines. 

Social media branding by The Graphic Stylist, Erin Alexander

Seriously, so much fun. CJ and Invisible Confetti goes down as one of my favorite brands to style. You have to go check her out on facebook! Go now.

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