Behind the Design | Beyond Mum with Ditty Hope

My favorite part of my job is getting to play with different styles of branding. I often find myself falling in love with every brand I get to work with. 

This was absolutely the case with the branding for Beyond Mum with Ditty Hope. 

Beyond Mum is a community for mums (based in Australia!), a support system for women to live beautiful and fulfilled lives beyond motherhood. Visit her Facebook page for more info.

When Ditty sent me the link to her pinterest board, I knew instantly that this would end being one of my favorite projects. Ditty’s soul style is bohemian inspired and it’s just absolutely beautiful. Creating branding based off of your personal style is totally my jam

 Pinteresting board inspiration for Beyond Mum with Ditty Hope

To create branding that gives off the same bohemian vibe without being dated or cliche, I focused on a few key words. I knew it needed to feel timeless, earthy, light and energizing. Ditty had mentioned in our strategy calls that she had previously had a feather in her logo but she no longer felt like it worked - she’d outgrown that style.

This really drives home that logos should be timeless, and stay away from things that are too trendy. This will ensure that your branding works for the long haul. In a year from now you don’t want to be worry about your logo seeming outdated. 

Ditty moodboard.jpg

“I can't stop looking at my mood board because it makes me feel so free and light.”


After showing Ditty two options, she decided to go with this logo option. This concept was softer and more sophisticated than the other option I had presented. 

I was so happy when she chose this one. It’s simple and delicate. It really feels light and airy. The script is a stunning handwritten font with a modern spin, the different sizes between the upstroke and downstroke really emphasize that handmade style without going too far into the brush script style that is really trendy right now. 

Paired with a serif font, it creates a traditional feel and also gives that softness that Ditty was looking to incorporate. 

DH brand board-01.png

What I also love about this style is its versatility and ability to grow and change with Ditty. We’ve choose branding that really speaks to Ditty style. It’s simple enough that it can work in a variety of ways as Ditty’s business expands. 

FB Cover.png

My absolute favorite piece of this brand is the watermark. It’s subtle and elegant. Either version can be used on a photo and it will emphasize either the circle around the outside or the B. You can see how each part is played up in these two photos. 


These are the tiny details that I just love putting in place! 

Overall, Ditty and I are both absolutely pleased with the results of our collaboration! 

“I am soooo happy and in love with my new branding, Erin! Thank you so so much. You created something beautiful and SO true to me and the vibe I wanted it to give. It's just perfect and I'm so excited! : ) I feel more motivated than ever because of how much this aligns with my inner self. Thank thank thank thank you!”

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