Behind the Design || Hello, Badass

Rebranding is one of my favorite things. I love helping lady bosses revamp their business, I know it helps refresh and rejuvenate their business. When Natalie from Hello, Badass asked me to help her rebrand her biz, I was over the moon excited! 

Natalie is the queen of badass. She has a rocking business and FOUR kids, plus she takes the best selfies on Instagram.  Freaking b-a-d-a-s-s. 

I’m really excited to share an inside scoop about her branding, it’s little different than my normal reveal. 

Inspiration mood board The Graphic Stylist Erin Alexander

Natalie wanted something that was a mix of edgy, modern, and bold, but also feminine. She said she loved vintages styles, florals patterns, and teal! With my initial concepts I really focused on the edgy and bold, and my original plan was to incorporate vintage and floral patterns with some of the other aspects. 

Here’s a look at the initial concepts.



After the first round Natalie and I chatted, and we decided that while these are nice ideas, it wasn’t “the one.” I loved that Natalie decided these weren’t perfect, I truly want my clients to LOVE their new logo. No one should settle for “good enough.” 

After we finished the project, we talked a little more and I asked her about the feeling once she saw the one.

Yes. I LOVE it, lol. I saw it and just knew that was the right one. The first ones you did, I *liked*... but they didn't create that same response for me. 

This was exciting to hear, because when I’m working I often know what logo will make an impact. I had originally started designing the style we ended up picking, but I was worried it was too similar to her old logo. It was a great lesson to remind me to go with my instinct. 


The final logo really turned out  great. The display font for the word badass is really unique and little bit funky, and it’s different than the trendy calligraphy fonts that are everywhere right now. The watercolor flowers add a little bit of softness to the “badass.” 

It really blends the two styles of badass and feminine. Leather and lace. Sugar and spice. 


Hello, Badass has an AMAZING social media presence, you really need to check her out on facebook and instagram. That mean with her new logo and branding we had to update her social media style vibe too. 

Ok now get this! This girl is so darn fabulous. She took her new branding and created some really awesome materials for her business. Business cards, labels, notepads, my gosh. I just loved it. (I admit, I miss seeing my work in print.)


Alright peeps, go check this chick out! You will not be disappointed! 


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