Brand Reveal for Kim Baker Sufficient Grace Homestead

Creating a personal brand is a great idea for new business owners. When your business is just starting out it’s harder to see where you will end up in five years or even just a year. The beautiful thing about a personal brand is that can grow with you when you branch into new areas.

Kim Baker is a financial money maven (Seriously! You have to hear her story of paying down something like a quarter million dollars in debt. She’s flippin’ amazing.) and Queen Bee of her homestead, which quite literally includes honey bees. On the business side of things, she’s just getting started, so I know branding her business around her name was a great idea.


Kim had already gathered a ton of inspiration for her brand, which made it easy for me to narrow things down. I could tell she had a love for that farmhouse feel, beautiful outdoors settings, and cool colors. She wanted it to feel like “sitting on a porch swing, sipping lemonade with a friend.”


The logo Kim decided on really pulled together the key aspects she was looking for. The wreath around the initials is very classic farmhouse feel. We also use that pattern in some of her other branding to add a touch of homeyness. Navy is great color choice, it’s trustworthy and professional. When people think of money and farm life, they think of green, so using the teal plays on that natural emotion ,but also, elevates it to the next level. Using two shades of gray as her neutral colors adds softness, that really comes out when you talk to Kim.  



Working with Kim was a highlight of my winter/spring. She also helped me take a look at our finances and I can tell you, you will not be disappointed when you decide to work with her. 

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