Halloween Activities for Toddlers

Working from home with small kids isn't as glamourous as sounds. I'm VERY fortunate that my mother in law watches my kiddos several times a week so I can work, but she's gone for three weeks! 

Queue panic mode. 

Ok, well I'm mostly kidding about the panicking. My three year old actually goes to preschool for three hours, three days a week which is great for my productivity! 

The rest of the time I feel constantly pulled in two directions. When I'm working I feel guilty about not being with the kids. When I'm with the kids I worry that I'm not giving my clients enough attention. Endless mom guilt cycles. 

The fact is that no matter the mom guilt, I do have to work when my daugher is home sometimes. So, instead of putting Octonauts on repeat, I've rounded up some crafty tutorials and supplies to keep this kid busy! 

These are all easy, mess free, and mostly things my toddler can do without constant supervision. Meaning, I will sit at the other end of the table while she does her thing. 

 Free Halloween printable bookmark for toddlers

1- Paper Plate Autumn Wreaths

This one looks super easy and will take AT LEAST 3 minutes. Glue fake leaves on paper plate with the middle cut out. 


2- Make A Monster

This is a cute little gift bag, I'm planning on doing the whole gift bag thing, but my daughter will love this. She loves play-doh, so I know she will be excited to stick stuff in it. Fingers crossed it keeps her away from my ice cream scoop. 

3- Make A Monster (diff idea)

This one is with paper scraps. So cute. We love Monsters Inc and just this weekend Lizzy was drawing Sully and Mike so I know she will love making lots of monsters. 

4- Leaf People

These are cute cute cute. My 3-year-old will LOVE playing with googly eyes. I think we will probably use the fake leaves from the first link too. Less mess. I'm not looking to spend the next decade vacuuming crushed leaves from my carpet. 

5- Halloween Bookmarks

 Free Halloween bookmark printable. Keep your toddlers busy so you can actually work! 

We (and by we, I really mean not me) are really into bookmarks, so I know she's going to love coloring these! Because you know when your books are 12 pages, at most, you really need a bookmark. 

She will also think these are super fun because mommy "made them. " Hey, I'll take my celebrity status anywhere I can get it. 

Grab yourself a copy here! Your kids will love it and we'd love to see the finished product. Share a picture on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram. I'll be posting pics of our crafts too!