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Rebranding is such an amazing boost for business, especially if your current branding feels stale and outdated, which was the case with this project! Rebranding often gives business owners a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation for their work. Rebranding can always be a great segway to introducing new services and programs. 

Which was the case for Mary!

Mary has been a health coach for sometime now, but she just recently took her biz full-time. Not only that, but Mary also revamped the name of her business, so this is truly a total facelift for her biz. Mary is a certified health coach, and works with families with special needs; she has a passion for using nutrition and essentials oils to heal and nuture your body. 

Final logo selection, design by Erin Alexander Design Studio


The phrase "Tree of Life" is very special to Mary's heart so we wanted to make sure to create a logo that really brought the meaning to life. We had originally wanted a tree with roots but eventually decided that it felt a little bit too dark for the style of Mary's brand. Instead, we went with a tree with a few different color of leave which represents new life, nurturing, and growth. 

Since Mary's style of coaching is inspired by natural health and wellness, I chose to use an earthy inspired color palette. The main color is the dark green which is often associated with growth and freshness. This also worked well when we choose photos for her website. All of the photos have that natural feel whether it through greenery with tree and plants, or dark wooden tones. 

The nature inspired design feels really warm and welcoming, which really represents Mary's style. It was such a pleasure to work with Mary and update her branding. 


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