Welcome to EA Design Studio! 

I am so excited to work with you to brand your blog and/ or business. This welcome page has getting started info to you. And you will find the branding questionaire homework to help me get started with your branding. But before we get to that here's some information you need to know now. 

How to contact me:

The best way to get in touch with me is email! I keep my inbox completely organized and always reply within 24 hours during my office hours (so you may not hear from me on the weekends or late at night). I am about 125% likely to forget to reply to a fb message. I also keep my notifications turned off because little red dots suck away my creativity. So yeah, email me if you need anything! 

I also have two small children (both under 4) which means I work odd hours but I do my best to reply as timely as possible! 

Your Questionnaire:

Please note: you can't save this questionnaire and come back to complete it later, so try and set aside a bit of time to complete it in one go. Some questions may not apply to your package, just skip them, or holler at me if you are unsure. 

Please feel free to email me at hello@erinalexanderdesignstudio.com if you need any help. I’m always happy to hop on Zoom or chat via email if you need me to talk you through anything!